Public Construction Law

The public building legislation is divided into “zoning law” and “building law”. You can trust the expertise of our law firm in both of these areas. We will advise you in legal planning requirements right from the beginning. Particularly when it comes to the establishment or amendment of zoning plans and land use plans by the respective municipalities. If a construction project is to be implemented in a “legally compliant manner”, the guidelines must be checked in detail. If this is required for the realisation of a project, the land use plan may be subject to judicial review. Either way, we will assist and support you in this process.

The Federal States make independent regulations on the basis of building law. Building law regulates the substantive requirements for structural works and the building permit process. In order for a project to be approved, it must comply with both the zoning and the building law regulations. Disputes regarding the building regulations requirements, e.g. regarding clearance, are varied.